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4×4 Wreckers Melbourne

4×4 Wreckers Melbourne is a company that provides wrecking services in Melbourne. Our services have become productive and are helping the economy through the employment that we provide to many. Furthermore, we can help the car owners to have lots of money for their future purposes from their old cars.

One of the amazing things involved in car wrecking is that the car parts can be recycled which can also save the environment from its dangers and hazards. There are many diverse factors that would make you decide to wreck your vehicle. Some of the reasons are very old cars, mishaps, and the messed up cars with no available spare parts and 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne can do the wrecking for you wreck instead of letting it be in your garage. The working spare parts of you wrecked car can be sold for other functioning vehicles and the metal parts can be sold as scrap to the recycling firms. So if your 4×4 is beyond any repairs, our company is the right wrecking service provider that can offer your responsible parts recycling and vehicle disposal. We always strive to accommodate our entire customers in every possible way, from answering queries and arranging the deal to the disposal of the cars and making money. 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne is very committed to bring you the wrecking services that you deserve. Want to know more about cash for 4WD service, click here.

Why 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne?

There are many reasons why you should pick us over other service providers. First and foremost, we are providing complete wrecking services in all makes and models of vehicles today. We also offera wide range of free vehicle disposal and removal services including the salvage. Furthermore, we collect old cars, damaged, rusted, unwanted, and event he wrecked cars for free and can pay you as much as $7999 on the spot. So, why you shouldn’t choose us? Call us now for more information.


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Our Services

When it comes to any service related to 4×4 vehicles, the car owners become very alert as they want to receive the best thing for their Wreckers Truckvery beloved vehicles. Many people adore their vehicles and don’t like it to be sitting at the corner, wasted in the garage. Now, you are lucky enough to know that you can still make money out of your damaged or old vehicle. With the help of 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne services you can now sell your car off in exchange of a good amount of money. We have professional 4×4 wrecking staffs including truck wreckers, van wreckers, car wreckers, jeep wreckers and ford wreckers and we also for Cash for 4WD on the spot. In order for you to get more brief information about our services, here are the following:

Truck Wreckers

We have a wide range of truck motors, parts, and bodies for sale. Our truck wreckers 4x4 wreckers Melbourne truck wreckers are professionally trained to handle any make and models of trucks that will be brought to us. We always ensure that you can still get the best money out of your trucks. 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne professional truck wreckers won’t only provide you wrecking services but also free quotes before the wrecking starts. Furthermore, they will also give you an option if your truck can still be saved by spare parts replacement.

Van Wreckers

4x4 wreckers Melbourne Turn your old, unwanted, damaged van into instant cash via our van wreckers. We can dispose your unwanted cars in Melbourne and pay you instant cash. With our professional van wreckers, we can make your wrecking experience hassle free. AllWreckers Van we need for you is the make, model, and year of your van, and you can now relax and leave the entire work to us. Call 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne now to receive a quick quote. Make a call on 0476 444 222.

Car Wreckers

We also have a professional team of car wreckers. We recondition and source the entire kind of salvageable parts of car in order to ensure that you will receive the highest quality of spares at a cost fraction of their new counterparts. Our professional car wreckers in Melbourne will never offer you anything but the best services and parts at their maximum possible prices. So call us now 0476 444 222, and we will give you quotes and parts that you are looking for.

Jeep Wreckers

jeep 24×4 Wreckers Melbourne is committed to constantly bringing in of new stocks and continuously strives to be you main source of jeep spare parts. Our professional jeep wreckers can handle any makes and models of jeep and bring the best money out of it. No matter what spare parts that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give a call to our professional jeep wreckers as we are very happy do to everything for you to locate it and point you in the best direction.

Ford Wreckers

Our professional team of Ford wreckers is the sunshine of the automotive dismantler industry in Melbourne. Over years, 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne is already providing affordable, quality Ford spare parts to Melbourne customers who want parts replacements for their Ford vehicles. Whatever Ford model you have let our professional Ford wreckers the first one that you should call as we are confident to say that we nearly have all the parts of Ford’s models that you might want for your vehicle. For several years, we provide our customers with quality products at fair prices with integrity, courtesy, and honesty.

Cash for 4WD

4x4 wreckers Melbourne 4x4 wreckers, 4x4 removal, 4x4 wreckers melbourne If your 4WD is already beyond repair and you decided to sell it, you can possibly get the best price and deal here at 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne. Our Cash for 4WD program can offer you as much as $7999 cash in no time. We can pay you instantly with an invoice for a more secured deal. Call us now to get more information about our Cash for 4WD program.

Free Vehicle Removal Service Melbourne

We are pleased to let you know that we are offering fast, reliable and free vehicle removal service in Melbourne. No matter what yourWreckers Ford vehicle condition is, call us now without having any hesitation and we will instantly come to perform the removal service. The same day of our service, you can get your cash on the spot which can range up to $7999. As part of the 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne services we can collect:

  • Any Models and Make
  • New and Old Cars
  • Smashed Cars
  • Wrecked Cars
  • Junked Cars
  • Unwanted Cars

We are offering scrap, old and new car disposal and removal services and also scrap metal recycling and old cars recycling. Depending on your decision, we can pick your vehicle up as soon as possible. We are also arranging after-hours pick up it that’s more convenient to you. Before we arrive make sure that you have thoroughly checked your car prior to the free car removal in order for you to ensure that you entire items are already removed as 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne will not be liable of any items lost. Also remove you vehicles plate numbers. If you having difficulties in removing the plate numbers then just ask us Wreckers 4x4to remove them for you. Furthermore, in order for us to ensure a speedy process, make sure that you vehicle is in a very accessible position for our towing services. Ultimately, ensure that your driver’s license is near you so that we can easily prove your identity.

Get Up to $7999 Cash for your Vehicles

We can pay you on the spot for your truck, can, car, jeep, and Ford vehicles wherever you are in Melbourne as 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne is greatly committed to bring you the service that you deserve. Depending on the make and model of you vehicle, you can possibly get as much as $7999. We also buy many makes and models of trucks and cars. For a no-obligation, free quote for your scrap, old or new car removal in Melbourne don’t hesitate to call us now and get your instant cash on the spot.